Tuesday, December 08, 2015

{here a conference, there a conference...}

I know I have been quiet on the blog for the last week and a half, and that is largely due to the fact that I was at an overnight conference for two days last week and I have been at another three day conference this week. Whew! For someone who doesn't usually travel overnight for work, the last two weeks have been hectic. Luckily Ryan has been doing an amazing job holding things down on the home front. 

I will update you tomorrow with pics about our Kalahari weekend we had last weekend as a family. Ryan had a meeting at the Kalahari on Saturday, so we came Friday after work. The kids and I bummed around until Ryan was done on Saturday, and then we stayed overnight again. Sunday Ryan left with the kids and I stayed, because my SLATE conference is also at the Kalahari (convenient, right?!). I have learned a lot, but I will be ready to go home tomorrow afternoon when the conference ends. Thankfully I have FaceTime, so I have been able to see the kiddos every day :)
Love those faces :)
Until later!

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