Tuesday, December 29, 2015

{a wonderful day: shopping, lunch, pottery, and baking...}

The kids and I had a great day today. Originally we were supposed to be in Toledo right now. The plan was the leave early Sunday morning, but Lilli was under the weather. She was croupy (as I mentioned before), so I decided against making the trip to Toledo without Ryan. Hopefully I will be able to reschedule that soon. In other happy Lilli news, she lost her first tooth on Christmas Eve:
See the missing tooth?
Yesterday was really exciting for the kids, because we got our first snow storm of the winter. They were thrilled! Here is a shot I took of our back patio this morning:
They kicked of their day today with some snow time, and then it was time for some hot chocolate. I even started a fire in our fireplace by myself! Here is my evidence:
I have to be honest, it didn't last long. Starting a fire is much harder than it looks!

We played around the house for a bit, and the kids started fighting at one point and were sent to their rooms. After their time was up and Caden came back into the kitchen, I received this note:
I love him... Then we headed out to Target. Caden had a gift card that was burning a hole in his pocket (Thanks, Grammie!), so I told him we could head out today. I needed a few things as well. It was very obvious that many businesses had some issues with getting their lots plowed. Target's parking lot looked like it hadn't even been cleared at all. We still braved the snow!

After our shopping, we stopped at Olive Garden for a late lunch:
Then I decided that we needed to make a pit stop at the Fire Escape in Oshkosh to paint some pottery. Daddy had to work late, so this was a nice way to kill some time and have a lot of fun. Look how concentrated they are:
They even dried their pieces on their own between coats:
Yes, they also dried each other as well.
Caden painted a helmet and Lilli painted a hedgehog:
Love those goofy faces!
I also painted a "cozy mug." I am excited to see how all of our pieces turn out after they are fired. We will be able to pick them up next week. Here is a pic of the three of us:
Ignore my hair. I look like a rooster! I didn't notice this until after the pic was taken, of course...

Once we got home I got some ham and bean soup going (the beans had been soaking since last night), and then Lilli and I did a little baking. We made some Kisses Peanut Butter Blossom cookies and banana bread. Lilli unwrapped the kisses for me:
Yes, that is a cheek filled with Hershey Kiss :)
She also helped me clean the beaters:
The cookies are out:
and the banana bread is almost done:
The house smells GREAT!

I am hoping to also work on a new hat face mask for Caden. He can't find his other (Grrr...), and he could really use it playing outside in this snow:)

Until later!

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