Wednesday, December 09, 2015

{2015 Photo with Santa: perfectly imperfect}

I am a perfectionist. I are shocked. I know...I have issues. I am proud to say I am starting to let go of things, and I have realized that sometimes it's okay for things to not be perfect. I have a VERY good example of this from last weekend. 

Every year we take the kids to see Santa in Appleton at the Fox River Mall. EVERY year. All of the pics have the same setup. They look great in the scrapbook :) I had every intention of taking the kiddos there this year as well. Flashback to last weekend. We were walking back to our hotel room after leaving the pool, and the kids noticed that Santa was there. Lilli really wanted to see him. Remember, we had just left the pool. The kids were wet, they were wrapped in towels, and they were NOT wearing cute outfits. Here is the pic:
I love it. Look at their little faces. For a second I thought to myself, "Oh well. I can still take them to Appleton for another pic." Why would I do that?! This picture is perfect. 

They also told Santa what they wanted. We were the only ones, so the kids were not rushed. It was great time one-on-one with Santa:
Lilli was so excited that when she actually talked to him, she couldn't think of what she wanted. Santa was very sweet and told her that she could send him a letter. Caden asked for...a selfie stick. I know, we have failed as parents... Santa kinda laughed about that. Luckily, Caden informed me tonight that he changed his mind. He wants a special fishing pole instead. Don't worry, he informed our Elf on the Shelf Kleveno to inform Santa about this change :)

So don't worry about those perfectly staged pics! Sometimes opportunities just pop up, and those moments, although imperfect (wet hair and all), will be treasured even more.

Until later!

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