Tuesday, November 03, 2015

{the "music" from my classroom}

My high school where I work is in under renovation, and they are adding an entire section to the building. The construction site is literally on the other side of my wall. The noise level has been changing daily, but it is generally not too great. Luckily, I am able to sneak away to the Media Center with my students when it gets to be unbearable. I have been using oils (Deep Relief) for my temples to help ward off the headaches...at least a bit. I jokingly refer to the noise as the "music" in my room. I try to maintain a positive outlook :) Some days are easier than others. During my prep today while I was grading papers was especially "musical"...I took a short video so you can kinda hear what it's like. Enjoy :)

Now excuse me while a take a couple Ibuprofen...
Until later!

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