Monday, November 30, 2015

{Thanksgiving recap: Thankful for so much}

I had this post completely written, and I somehow deleted it! Grrr... Let's try this again. We had a great Thanksgiving holiday: 
Here we are at my Aunt Evita's house.
Ryan, the kids and I headed to Ohio to visit my family. I am not going to give you a minute-by-minute recap, but I want to share a little with you. Like normal, I didn't take as many pics as I would have liked. In fact, most of the pics I am going to share with you my Aunt Theresa took. I was too busy visiting with people :)

The drive there wasn't too bad. The kids were thrilled with the car bags Grandpa (Pam) put together for them:
Pure joy!
Checking out the goods
We stayed with my Aunt Theresa Berry and Uncle Bob. They were still up with my cousin Richie when we pulled in around 12:30 in the morning Thanksgiving morning. The kids slept a lot, so when Ryan and I were heading to bed around 3 am (I know...) the kids were ready to play. Yikes! Luckily they didn't take too long to fall asleep...again.

We had our first yummy Thanksgiving meal with Amma and Ampa (my dad and Andrea). The kids had a great time visiting, and I was even able to sneak in a nap :) Yay!
Pure happiness on those kiddos' faces
There were some hi-jinks. Daddy told Caden that the whipped cream smelled funny. Yes, he was eating a plateful of whipped cream, no pie. Of course that led to a face smashing into the plate :)
It was a very relaxing day for all :)

Our next Thanksgiving meal was on Friday. We spent most of the day with my mom's side of the family at my Aunt Evita and Uncle Gary's place in Michigan. The kids had a GREAT time. Caden was in heaven playing with three of his boy cousins (my cousin Nikki's sons Niko and Scotty and my cousin Jenni's son Christopher):
Caden and Christoper
Niko and Caden: I can't get over how handsome Caden looked :)
Lilli stuck by my side most of the time:
With my Aunt Theresa (the photographer)
With Grammy
Can you tell Lilli is starting to crash in this pic? :)
I should have taken a picture of my Aunt Evita's Christmas tree. It is so beautiful. Lilli always loves examining all of the ornaments. They are so delicate and dainty. 
Saturday morning Aunt Theresa Berry read the kids a Christmas story she wrote, and she showed them some of her Christmas decorations:
We packed everything up, and then we met Grammy, Aunt Ann, my cousin Andrea, and Andrea's husband Josh at Pizza Hut for lunch. The highlight for Caden was when our waitress noticed he was playing with Pokemon cards, and she offered to bring her 21 year old son's cards for him. He was thrilled. She will get those to Aunt Ann at a later time.

After a quick pit stop at Grammy's house, we had our third Thanksgiving meal in Perrysburg with my dad's side of the family. (Yes, we had three Thanksgiving meals.) We were happy that Amma and Ampa were able to join us as well. My Aunt Diane did a great job of fixing a great meal for a houseful of hungry people :) After we were done eating, we made a quick pit stop at Starbucks for some caffeine and then we hit the road!

It was a whirlwind trip, but we had a lot of fun. I hope everyone else had a great time as well :)

Lilli was so excited about Turkey Day, she closed off Sunday night making a paper turkey. She was very determined:

Until later!

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Aunt Diane said...

Thank you very much for your kind words . I love you all so much. I miss you also.