Thursday, December 03, 2015

{painting with Santa}

The main reason we came home on Saturday night instead of Sunday was a special opportunity Lilli had. She was able to take part in a pottery painting activity with Santa at the Fire Escape in Downtown Oshkosh. Lilli and her friend Gabi were able to take part in this fun time that also earned them a badge for Daisy Scouts. Score! Each kiddo got a pottery plate to paint. First they had to choose their base color. Lilli chose golden for her base color. She had a great time painting:
She did a wonderful job. After painting three layers,
It was time to hit the blow dryers to get the layers dried. Then Lilli got to go up and see Santa:
After snapping that cute pic, Lilli painted Santa's right hand red:
And Santa pressed his hand on her plate. Then it was time to paint Lilli's hand green:
And press it on the plate:
She was pretty pleased with the result:
The Fire Escape elves kept the plate so they could paint "Santa and Me" on the top and then glaze and fire it. They will also add Lilli's name next to her hand print. I think it's so cute. After we finished the plate (she also painted the back), it was time for quick cookie and some milk and then story time with Santa:
Lilli had a wonderful time. We also had a snag a quick pic of our little Daisy Scouts in their uniforms:
How cute are they?!
I also love this group shot of all of the kiddos that Stephanie took:
This was such a fun event! I know we will be back soon. I think this would be a fun activity to do as a family some Sunday after church. I even noticed they had a little Pikachu that Caden could paint. They had AMAZING mugs that I would love. I will keep you updated about any future pottery adventures :)

Until later!

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