Wednesday, November 11, 2015

{my little artist's work on display}

I planned to post this last night, but I feel asleep after reading to 8:20... Better late than never!

Caden was super excited to show me this last Friday when I got home from work:
One of his pieces of art was chosen to be on display for the Celebrating K-12 Art Education in the Oshkosh Area School District art show last Saturday. He asked if we would be able to go. OF COURSE we went :) He was too cute. Here he is with his piece entitled "Color Wheel Birds" (the pic on the bottom):
That face is just too cute!
He also took a selfie with it:
This is his second year in a row having one of his pieces included. Here is the pic from last year (his is the picture on the top with the trees):
We ended up getting it professionally framed, and it now hangs above Ryan's desk. Caden is very proud of that. He likes to point it out when people come over. 

I think back to when he was younger, and this is really amazing. We used to have to BEG him to color or paint. He just wasn't very interested in it. In preschool, the little girls would have these cute scenery pics and Caden's would have one streak of paint across it. He has always been compliant; if he was told to paint, he would paint. He just didn't enjoy it or take his time with it. Now he has more patience...most of the time.

Lilli's kindergarten class didn't have any pieces in the show, but her teacher told me that Lilli is an amazing artist as well. She is hoping to have something in the show next year. She was excited to see her brother's artwork on display.

Until later!

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