Thursday, November 19, 2015

{my latest crocheted creations: Pikachu and Little Hootie}

Do you remember that I told you I had a scrapbooking weekend last weekend? I didn't scrapbook, because I haven't unpacked those items, so instead I crocheted. My plan was to make a Pikachu for Caden and an owl for Lilli. Mission accomplished! Here is the link again to my post from last Friday that had the links to those patterns. I was successful and able to make each of the items. 

I needed to buy some fiberfill stuffing for the animals, and that was almost a problem. The only store with craft supplies in the area where we were was Walmart, and they were out of polyfill (the cottony filling for stuffed animals). Luckily I thought to buy a little pillow form for less than $2, and I was able to unzip that and take the polyfill out of that. It was great! Plus I can now just refill what I took out of the pillow, make a slipcover, and then I will have a new cute little pillow.

The kids LOVED their new little friends I made for them. Ryan took some pics last night for me. They were in a crazy mood, which you will be able to easily see:
Could Lilli looked more bored in this pic?
Doesn't look so bored in this pic :)
They have slept with them every night since they got them on Sunday. I think that's a good sign :) Oh, and did you catch the owl's name from the title of the post? Lilli named the owl "Little Hootie."

I know I mentioned wanting to make some homemade items for Christmas, and this just further proves to me that I don't need to buy something to have the kids love it. I really think they appreciate the time I put into these little crocheted creations.

Until later!

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