Wednesday, November 18, 2015

{it's that time of year: children's holiday concerts}

While I know that attending the holiday concerts of your little ones may not always be the highlight of the season, I really enjoy the concerts. The kids are all dressed up, their songs are always so cute, and the kids are so happy and excited. I even like watching the songs the other kiddos are singing. Last night was Oaklawn's Holiday Concert. Caden and Lilli were both super excited. Caden even wore a little tux he got from Amma and Ampa. Check out these cuties:
Caden wouldn't let me take another pic. He looks half asleep in this one, but he is still handsome. Here are some other pics and videos from the evening:
The Kindergartners:
Nice action shot of Lilli twisting :)
Here is a little video from Lilli's section of the concert:
The First Graders:
One selection from Caden's concert:
I hope you enjoyed this little holiday treat :)

Until later!

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