Wednesday, November 04, 2015

{for the little spy in your life}

I am still getting things back to normal at the house after the party, so it will be a couple days before I can give you a full update with pics from the party. I will also note that we didn't take pics of everything. I was bummed that we missed taking a pic of our front door :( I was too concerned about keeping track of all of the kiddos :) Anyway, I was sorting some pics on my phone (I am backing up my old phone because Ryan upgraded our phones today), and I decided I wanted to share some pics from the end of last school year. 

Caden was invited to a birthday party last May for a classmate, and the theme was Spy. You know I love me some birthday party themes :) I wanted to think a little outside of the box for the gift, so Caden and I put together a spy kit for Tyler. Caden had a great time doing this with me. We started by going to Hobby Lobby to purchase a wooden briefcase-like box. They have different sizes there, so I just let Caden pick out the one he liked. He ended up with one kinda like the ones in this pic:
He went with the middle-sized one.
I used a 40% coupon, so that was a pretty good deal. Hobby Lobby has great prices on their unfinished wood products. We painted the box black and used a stencil to paint on: Secret Agent T:
To fill the box, we got different items from both Target and the Dollar Tree after I looked on Pinterest for some ideas. I was surprised by how many spy-themed toys they had at the Dollar Tree. I had both Caden and Lilli help me decide what we needed. We then made a little tag to attach to everything for a label. Here is what they decided we needed:
A notebook (from Target):
I adhered a sheet of paper to the cover to make it a Top Secret notebook.
 Secret Mission Light Sources (from the party section at Target):
Undercover Mustaches for Disguise (from the Dollar Tree):
Private Eye Clue Magnifier (from the Dollar Tree):
 Handcuffs for Criminals (from the Dollar Tree):
I thought these smelled funny, so we actually soaked them in bleach :)

Secret Agent ID holder (from the Dollar Tree):

Undercover Glasses (from the Dollar Tree):
I also picked up a copy of the movie Spy Kids from Target to include. It was one of the $5 movies. This was his spy training material. This is where Caden and Lilli's love for this movie began :) 
Caden had a great time putting this together. I think he liked that he was able to bring such a unique gift into which he put a lot of thought. They kids loved it SO much that we ended up making two more: Secret Agent C and Secret Agent L.

We also put a special message in the top of the briefcase on the inside:
Until later!

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