Monday, November 02, 2015

{Daisy Scout Co-Leader...because I have so much free time:) }

When a friend Stephanie (who went to high school with me) and I noticed there was no Daisy Scout troop for kindergartners at our daughters' school, we decided to do the only logical thing...start our own troop:
Somehow I had images of Troop Beverly Hills pop into my head:

Remember that one? It's a good one.

Anyway, Stephanie and I decided if we were co-leaders, we could handle it. We both are working mommies, and she has to travel for work as well. Tonight we had our first official meeting with the girls. We are meeting every other Monday night for an hour with the girls. We have a small little troop with around six girls. For our first time leading, we are good with this number. We are somewhat learning as we go along, and we are looking to the Internet for a lot of examples. We are VERY open to any suggestions from experienced leaders :) These girlies love them some crafty projects, so we know that will be a big part of every meeting time, most likely. Of course I have consulted Pinterest for some ideas; there are entire boards dedicated to this! I know we will have a lot of fun planning activities and outings for the girls this school year. Please feel free to share any ideas with me that you may have. Hopefully this is something we will continue with the girls through the years as well. Quality time with our girls making great memories? Who could ask for more? Who wouldn't want to spend extra time with this goofball?
Until later!

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