Monday, November 23, 2015

{a new tradition: gingerbread house decorating}

I LOVE the holidays, and this year I am so ready for Christmas to be here. I am not ready meaning everything is done, but I am just ready for all of the joy this time of year brings. I have a dear friend named Leah who also LOVES everything Christmas-related, and this includes a love for gingerbread house decorating. This is like a competitive event in her family. While I am not looking to get into any competitions, I decided this would be a great new tradition to start with my kiddos.

Now I will admit, I cheated. Yep! I bought the kit at Costco yesterday:
All we had to do tonight was decorate the house. I know that some people make the gingerbread, make the frosting, buy the candy...I decided to take a shortcut, and I am SUPER happy I did. After we had dinner, the kids and I decorated our house. It didn't take a ton of time, and they had a great time. Daddy took some pics while we decorated
There was some silliness:
 But there was lots of concentration:
 Mama helped with the decorating as well. It was REALLY fun:
 Here is Caden adding some shutters:
I helped with adding some snow on the top:
 Lilli loved adding the red the most:
 Here they are showing off the finished product:
 More silliness:
While this isn't as stunning as Leah would create, I still think she would be proud of us :)

Look how cute it looks above our fireplace:
Love it!

Until later!

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