Monday, October 19, 2015

{Zooloween Boo '15: Harry Potter & the Black Kitty}

This past weekend was the 13th year the Oshkosh Zoo held their Zooloween Boo. This is a nice, safe trick-or-treating option for the kiddos. They also have a ton of games and a costume contest with quite a few different categories. While Caden and Lilli didn't want to do the contest this year, they did participate last year and got second place in their category. Here was my post from last year. I think Caden could have won this year :) We met up with Caden's "girlfriend" Hallie and her little sister Claire. We also ran into Katie and Kayana. It was a good time! Here are some pics from the day:
How cute are they?!
Playing games:
 Bean Bag Toss:
Spider Tic Tac Toe:
Watching a magician (and being volunteers):
Time for some posing:
 Scary teeth:
Good looking group:
Hairy beasts:
 Love the jack-o-lantern pics:
 Creepy fog...
I think the kids liked the bounce house the most. They waited in line twice for that one:
The bounce house had a slide for them:
Lilli's turn
 Caden's turn
The kids will still be trick-or-treating some more this year. It is nice that they get more than one wear for their costumes. They both looked SO CUTE! I couldn't stand it. I almost cried when I saw Caden with all of his Harry Potter garb on. He WAS Harry Potter :) Look at him!
Love it! And Lilli as the cat? Adorable! Check out this cutie pic:
Until later!

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