Friday, October 09, 2015

{When was the last time you checked out the library?}

I was very lucky today and got done with work at 12:30 pm. That was especially nice because I was at work last night until 7:30 for Parent/Teacher conferences. Lilli and Caden were super excited that I got done early so that I could pick them up from school. This is something I pretty much never get to do. I have to leave the house by 6:40 am on school days, and I get done with work an hour after they are done. We love these occasional opportunities when I get to pick them up. It was also a beautiful day to wait outside for them. Here was my view for about 10 minutes. Truthfully, I walked around while I waited to get some more steps for my Fitbit :)
Lilli was pretty happy to see me:
Because they got done with school around 2:30, we had a few hours to do something before we went to dinner. They decided it would be fun to go to the Oshkosh Public Library, so that's what we did. (We may or may not have made a pit stop at Starbucks for a petite scone for them...) I usually set the limit at the library at five items each. Lilli would always get more, but Caden is usually good with one or two items. This time Caden decided he wanted to search the online catalog himself for some books:
While he was looking online (with a little bit of help with his spelling), Lilli went right to work finding some books:
Once she went toward the back to look at some Curious George books, I decided to look for some as well. The library has an amazing selection of educational and parenting books. I know I have mentioned this before. For example, here is one book I read last year that I really liked:
They had me at "Organization"
I've also just grabbed some random parenting books in the past to read. Look at how many books are in the educational/parenting section:
Can you see the hanging bags on the right hand side of the pic? Those are different flash cards. I used these a lot when I was still teaching the kiddos their letters. Here is what we grabbed for this time:
Not only letters, but also coming up with words for each letter
I like this section also because there are books there for me to use in my classroom, but there are also books that I can use with my kiddos at home. Check out these two I will be using with Caden:
Star Wars?! How can I go wrong?
I like it that you can also check-out magazines as well. I found this cool magazine for elementary teachers:
It is full of awesome activities for the kids that you can legally reproduce. Our printer at home has both a scanner and copy option, so I plan to take advantage of making some copies. I grabbed on old Oct./Nov. issue. Look at one of the pages:
We had to go to a different area to look for Caden's book he wanted (about insects), and then Lilli decided she wanted to look up more books about Franklin (the turtle):
She typed in the name Franklin (I wrote it on a piece of paper for her) herself to search for it. She then wrote down the author's last name:
Caden lounged and read his book while Lilli was searching on the computer:
 Check out this goof:
Overall, it was a very successful trip :) Lilli ended up with four Franklin books and one Peppa Pig book. Caden got the book about insects and the game Epic Mickey for the Wii. I am grateful we have such a nice library to use.
Can you see how amazing Lilli's pants are?
Until later!

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