Friday, October 16, 2015

{The Jeremy Monnett Rock N Glow Fun Run/Walk}

It was a crisp and chilly fall night, and we were outdoors for a nice chunk of it. Tonight was the first annual Jeremy Monnett Rock N Glow Fun Run/Walk, and we were very luck to take part in this great event. Jeremy tragically died in a plane crash at the young age of 40. Here is a link to his full obituary. He left behind his wife and two young boys. I did not personally know Jeremy, but Ryan knows his brother Jason through different business functions in Oshkosh. This race was put together in a very short time, and they did an AMAZING job. There were close to 1000 people there! Jeremy care a lot about the Christine Ann Center, and he really wanted a nice place for the kids staying there to play. All event proceeds from the race are being used to help fund the construction of the Jeremy Monnett Playground at Christine Ann Center. What a great way to honor his memory.

We participated tonight, and we ROCKED it! I was a little concerned it would be too chilly, but we bundled up and were fine. I was wearing five layers of lie. It was such a family-friendly event. They even had face painting with glow in the dark paint. Lilli was all over that:
Caden doesn't like being messy, so that was a no-go for him :)

We also met up with Katie and Kayana, so the kids were super excited to see her. How cute are they?!
Caden was happy that I let him wear my headlamp.
They loved having the glow bracelets and the flashlights. They did an amazing job! We just had to remind them to stay by us a few times, but they were great:
The girls were holding hands. Too cute.
When we could see the finish line, all three kiddos didn't want the race to end. I think the parents were happy to get out of the cold :) Here is our post race pic:
It was a great night. Now it's time for some hot chocolate and some Wii bowling. Well, not for all of us :)
She honestly falls asleep like this. Doesn't she look like a princess?
Until later!

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