Friday, October 02, 2015

{stay up late night: everyone loves to color}

The kids have referred to Friday nights as "stay up late night" for a long time. Saturdays are really our only days to sleep in, so we let the kiddos stay up a little later than usual on Fridays. This usually means a fun movie and some popcorn. Tonight we also did some coloring. I love coloring. We usually end up coloring some picture from a Frozen coloring book. Now, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that...but Mama can only color so many Frozen pictures. I decided it was time that I got my own coloring book :) When I was at Target yesterday, I also picked up a coloring book for myself. The great thing is that there are now coloring books made for adults available at Target and many other places. This is the one I picked up for myself:
Of course I also needed some new colored pencils:
Look how awesome these pages are:
Lilli thinks the book is cool, too:
Yes, she is crossing her eyes on purpose. No, Ryan doesn't like it :)
So tonight we all colored together:
It was very relaxing. Caden decided he just wanted to draw and color a picture. He ended up making a turkey:
Lilli worked in a Sheriff Callie coloring book tonight:
She told me she was coloring a pic for her "third grade buddy" at school.
Lilli also wanted to work in mine. I will admit...I was tempted to tell her that this was only Mommy's coloring book; however, I can't tell her to share if I won't share :) Mommy shared with her:
Look how vibrant the colors look!
She does such a nice job!

These pages are very intricate, so they will take quite a bit of time to finish. That's okay, I have a lot more coloring in my future :)

Until later!

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