Thursday, October 01, 2015

{paper, paper everywhere!}

I try to keep our house in order, but some days (and weeks) are better than others. Right now I am fighting a cold, so I have been trying to make an honest effort to go to bed much earlier than usual to allow my body to heal. This has meant neglecting some of the things that are typically part of my nighttime routine. I don't like it that my kitchen, laundry room, and living room are a little cluttered right now, but that's my current reality. To think that I will be able to maintain a pristine house at all times and maintain my sanity is not realistic. I know that there will always be outside factors that I will not be able to control. 

One thing that I've noticed can quickly get out of control in our house is paper. There are so many things coming in from so many different directions. My school work, paper that Ryan brings home, mail, magazines, the kids' school work, notes home from school that we need to keep... I could keep going on. All of this usually ends up in the same spot: right in a pile next to the refrigerator...
I know this pile isn't too bad, but that is what built up there from just yesterday. Once the first piece of paper is there, it is just oh too easy to add more to the pile. Pretty soon (and I'm not talking a long time later), there is a pretty high stack of all sorts of papers...mixed together. I need to streamline this. Again, I am not looking for perfection. That isn't going to happen. I just need a simple way to quickly store the papers, even if I don't have time to deal with them right away. Plus I really just hate having things all over my counters. I decided to make use of the space in the little cubby when you walk in through the garage. It is the perfect spot for some organization (plus you can pull it closed to hide things):
I headed to Target (of course) to see what I could find. I ended up getting two (technically three) things. Here they are:
I got the magazine holder in the middle and the two shelf holder on the right hand side. The basket on the right side I have always had in there. It contains my thank you and blank note cards. (Yet another great idea from The Fringe Hours!) My goal will be to sort whatever I put on the shelves every Friday. If I have extra time before then, I will take care of it. The top level is for bills or things that will need action and the bottom level is for the kids' items. This does not include weekly updates from the teacher. We just tape those right to the refrigerator. I am also teaching the kiddos to clear out their folders daily and put their artwork on the bottom shelf. One of the reason I made that the bottom was so the kids could reach it. I think it is important that they start to learn to organize their own paperwork. Here there are with the papers from the pile:

Do you have problems with paper piling up at your house? What do you do?

Until later!

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