Monday, October 05, 2015

{It's looking a lot like fall: front porch decor}

I finally put aside the time on Sunday to get the house looking like fall. I have been pouring over pics on Pinterest to see what we would do for our front porch. We bought the pumpkins (way too many) and bales of hay on Saturday. Here was the end result:
Highly recommend using a trailer for this...or at least taking the time to grab a tarp before you pick up the hay. Here was the back of our van:

Don't worry, it was cleaned up right away :)
This is the reason for the quick clean-up:
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little vacuum cleaner. Ryan picked it up for me (how romantic, right?) when we were in Florida. I used it multiple times on the way home. Ever since we got it in the beginning of August, I have used it multiple times per week. I keep it in our laundry room, so it is really close to the garage. If I see anything on the carpet in the van, I quickly vacuum it up before it has time to be worked into the carpet. It has kept my van REALLY clean and me very happy :) And yes, we got it at Target in Florida.

Back to the front porch...We waited until Sunday, and then we picked up some mums after church. I went downstairs into our holiday decor storage to pull anything I thought we might use. Here is what the front porch looked like when I started. Ryan had just unloaded the items onto the porch:
The ladder? I know. Weird. Well, we noticed a hole on the top part above the porch. I tried to get a pic of it:
Ryan had the ladder so he could climb up and take a closer look at the hole. We have NO idea how it got there. People are duck hunting now, so we wonder if it's a bullet hole. Scary thought, huh? Anyway...back to the porch...

I decided I needed to sweep the front porch. There were some cobwebs that needed to be removed, and there were also some leaves on the porch. My biggest problem with the porch was I just couldn't figure out how to make it work with the narrow sides and the huge bushes:
I still haven't figured out what type of bush this is? Anyone know?
I finally decided to just rethink it all. I didn't need our porch to look exactly like any picture I had seen. Why did I need to put things on the side of the porch? I didn't need to. It was at that point that I pulled the red bench off of the side of the porch and moved it to the front. It all just kinda came together then.
What do you think? Here is that first pic again:
I love that pop of color from the bench.
Here is the side of the porch again with the bench there this time. See how narrow it is?
I feel like some sort of sign would look nice up on the side of the house there. Any ideas?

Here are some more pics of the front:
 I felt like I needed something also right by the front door, so I added a couple of mums and several pumpkins:
I almost bought a wreath and a new mat, but I held off. I think I may buy one of each at the end of the season and hold onto them for next year.

There is a spot in the front of our house where a dead tree was. I added a little display there as well:
Caden and Lilli really like the scarecrows. Lilli said the girl is supposed to be her and the boy Caden :)

At some point I will be stealing some of my pumpkins from the porch for us to decorate. We are going to try painting them this year. 

Did you decorate for fall?

Until later!

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