Monday, October 26, 2015

{Happy 7th Birthday, Caden}

It's hard to believe Caden turned 7 yesterday. It seems like just yesterday we took this pic:
We had a really nice weekend celebrating his birthday. Ryan was out of town until last night, but we made the best of it. I had big plans to take the kiddos (plus Kayana who was with us Friday night for an awesome sleepover) on Saturday to the Green Bay Children's Museum, but Caden ended up wanting to stay home to play. Check out this super cute selfie Caden took with the girls:
We ended up doing pretty much nothing this weekend, just like Caden wanted. We did play Bingo and watch some movies on the couch. He said he was just in a "Home Day" mood. I can't complain, because it was great to sit on the couch and get some extra snuggles. He was excited to open his presents Sunday morning. He decided not to wait until Daddy got home :)
See the letters flying from the fireplace behind him? Those are part of the Harry Potter decorations :)
He wanted West End Pizza for dinner. He decided he didn't want birthday cake; he wanted apple bars (just like Daddy):
It was a great night. Even better once Daddy got home. 

I will leave you with a few more pics of Caden from past birthdays:

First Birthday
Second Birthday
Third Birthday
Fourth Birthday
Fifth Birthday
Sixth Birthday
There will be more fun this coming weekend when we have his Harry Potter birthday party on Sunday. I was very busy making robes and wands over the weekend when we weren't playing. I will update you about all of those fun things later.

Until later!

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