Thursday, October 15, 2015

{fish tale: our new fish tank}

Do you have a fish tank? We do. It's been fishless (is that a word?) since about three weeks after we moved. We had a clown fish (Guido) that had been with us since our first year in Chicago, and he appeared to be the fish that just kept going. We even bought him a new tank when we moved. Well...he didn't make it that long. Ryan waited awhile before even moving the live rock and other items over into the new tank. Then we just let it sit vacant for a few months. Lilli REALLY wanted to get new fish. Actually, she really wanted to get a new pet after seeing an episode of Sid the Science Kid. I told her we had Minka, and then I explained that we would be getting fish at some point. She was pretty excited about that, so on Saturday we took a water sample into Aquarium Pets here in town to see if our water levels were fish-friendly. Lilli didn't waste any time picking out her favorite fish while we waited:
She really liked a little bright pink fish:
Here are some close-ups of the fish:
She also checked out some shrimp, but she decided those were creepy:
We ended up getting a couple "test fish." They are pretty, but the most important part was that they were inexpensive. If these guys survive for a couple of weeks, we know it will be okay to bring in some more. Here they are:

Besides the pink fish, Lilli also saw some clown fish she liked:
Ryan wants to focus on having small fish for the tank this time around, so we will see if we go with clowns. Guido got to be pretty big.

Where was Caden during all of this? Looking at rats and mice:
He really liked them. Can he get one? Nope...nope...nope... Yep, I'm a dream crusher :) He sure does look cute in this pic, though.

Until later!


Diane said...

I love fish the little neon fish are beautiful .good luck with the tank.

The Ames Family said...

Thanks! The fish have almost made it an entire week, so it's looking good :)