Monday, October 12, 2015

Curious George Smoothies

Caden and Lilli like to watch Curious George once in awhile.
In one particular episode, George made some fruit smoothies. Well, they were more than just fruit smoothies. In typical Curious George style, he added some things that you maybe wouldn't normally think to add. Caden LOVED this episode, and he decided he wanted to make the smoothies just like George did. The first thing he did was write down the recipe:
Here are those ingredients a little larger in case you want to replicate this masterpiece :)
I love his spelling :) Well, once he told Grandpa how much he wanted to make it, Grandpa went out and bought the supplies on Friday. We had time to make it yesterday afternoon. The first thing we did was cut up the ingredients:
I recommended that we not add an entire half a head of cabbage as Caden originally wanted to add. We added the fruit and veggies to the blender:
Caden is very serious about his work. Lilli appears to be helping in this pic. Really, she just would sneak pieces of cut up apple to eat.
There was A LOT to put in the blender:
He did a great job:
We blended it for at least a couple of minutes:
Then we poured the mixture into a bowl covered with cheesecloth to strain it:

Next up...time to try the mixture!
Well, I will admit that I was a little hesitant to try the smoothie, but I did. It was honestly pretty good. There was a definite cabbage aftertaste. If it is really cold, it's not too bad :) Really healthy, too! 

Here is a link to an old post about another TV show inspired recipe. This one was Banana Swirl from an episode of Daniel Tiger. The kids love that, too.

Until later!

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