Sunday, October 04, 2015

{creative pancakes: icing bottles + pastry bags}

Caden and Lilli love pancakes. I always keep the gluten free Bisquick on hand so I can quickly whip up some pancakes that all of us can eat. Yesterday morning was a pancake morning. To make the pancakes a little more special, I let the kids choose two colors each for their batters. I then gave them my Wilton icing squeeze bottles so they could also design their own pancakes. They had a blast!

First I made the pancake batter and split it up evenly into four bowls (so each one got two different colors):
 The kids then chose their colors. Caden wanted red and yellow, so he could make Pikachu:
 Lilli wanted to make pink and blue:
Right now I only have two squeeze bottles, so I also used gallon-sized storage bags and my frosting tips. Each kiddo got one icing bottle and one bag with a small tip. They liked being able to use both of them. They even filled their "pastry bags" on their own:
 I filled the icing bottles. They were a little too tricky for the kiddos to fill:
 Caden wanted me to take this pic:
After the butter melted in the pans, the kids then started making their pancakes:
 First we reviewed what we can and cannot touch on a stove top. Lilli was big on making hearts:
 Here is Caden working on a Pikachu pancake:
 I decided to make some, too:
 Lilli thought her name was delicious:
 Here are some of our creations:
If you notice the plate on the right, Caden made a large "C" and also a 6 :)
These pancakes do take a little longer to make because of setup, and yes, there is much more clean-up, but the kids had so much fun. Totally worth it.

Until later!


Diane said...

They are little chefs much love from all of us to all of you

The Ames Family said...

Thank you! Yes, they are very creative :)