Tuesday, October 20, 2015

{chore chart update: we made them!}

I posted here about wanted to create a chore chart for the kiddos. I had every intention of having the kiddos make it that week, but life got in the way... Oh well, we did make them tonight. We had plenty of time, because I just got home and threw one of my freezer meals into the oven. We went with Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Pesto Meatballs for tonight. They were a hit:
Caden especially liked them:
Crazy kid!
Here is what I ended up doing with the chore charts for the kiddos.

The first thing I needed to do was figure out what pictures to use for their charts. Also, I narrowed their chore list down to 7 items:
I thought I would also include choosing tomorrow's clothes on there, but I am making the shift to selecting all outfits on Sunday. Ryan is helping me with something for that. I will update you at some point when we finish that :)

Back to the pictures. Caden originally wanted to include real pics, but he changed his mind. I looked online for some to use, but I couldn't fine anything I liked. I decided to draw my own after looking online for some ideas. Here are my masterpieces:
Look at the cute toothbrush and teeth: 
Here is a link to the file if you would like to use them. I ended up having to trim them to make them fit on the paper I used.

Then the kids each chose one 12" X 12" sheet from my scrapbook paper to use for their charts. Caden wanted blue and Lilli wanted pink. Predictable.

While I cut the sheets in half, I had the kiddos color in the pictures I made for their chore charts. I like this, because they were able to make each pic their own:
 Look at Caden's cute bowl of cereal:

First I cut each sheet of paper in half so they were now a 6" X 12" piece of paper:

Now the inspiration chore chart required some measuring to make things very precise; I didn't do that. I just eyeballed everything. I folded the paper so there was about a half an inch extra on the top. You need that in order to easily open them back up after they have been closed.

I eyeballed where the pics would fit coming up from the fold:
Can you see how banged up our poor coffee table is from Minka's paws and teeth? That will be a winter project...
I then used double-sided tape to adhere them to the paper.

Again, in the original she measured, scored, and then cut. I didn't do that. I just looked at where the pics lined up, and then I made my cuts for the flaps:
I added the descriptions for each chore. I just typed these up and printed them out:
Then I attached the word "DONE" on the other side of their pictures for Caden, and Lilli wanted the words "Good Job!" on hers. They go on the opposite side of the chore words. You place them so when the flap is closed, they are right side up:
The last thing I did was add the magnetic strips. I stuck them under the chore titles and then I stacked the other one on top. Then I unpeeled the top one and closed it so it would fit perfectly where it needed to be:
And we were ready to roll! I originally thought I was going to round the corners, but I didn't for two reasons. 1) I included 7 chores instead of 6, so there wasn't as much room for each strip, and 2) I still haven't found my corner rounder...

Overall, this was very easy to do. Other than coloring the pics, I put it all together. I did this tonight while we were doing some bowling. Side note: Lilli is becoming freakishly good at Wii bowling...
Can you see her in the background?
I let each kiddo choose where to put their charts. They had to pick somewhere in their bedrooms. Caden chose by his closet:
Lilli chose by her door:
Tomorrow was going to be the first day using them, but they decided we could start today:
Yay! I am happy they are so excited to use them. Are they perfect? Nope. Will they work? Yep. I will update you later about how it is going :)

Until later!

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