Tuesday, October 06, 2015

{cereal boxes = fun little mailboxes}

Lilli is really in to drawing us special pictures, sealing them in an envelope, and then giving them to us. She probably gives me a letter at least once a day. I LOVE them. We were talking about her letters last weekend, and then we started talking about mailboxes. I asked her if she would like it if we had a mailbox in our house for everyone. She loved that idea. We decided that we needed three mailboxes: one for Lilli, one for Caden, and one for Mommy and Daddy to share. I searched Pinterest for ideas, but nothing fit exactly what I wanted. One pattern I looked at did use a cereal box. I liked that idea, but I made it my own. First I needed three cereal boxes:
I taped the tops of the boxes closed with tape. I only had Scotch tape at the house, but I would recommend packaging tape:

Then I took a marker and traced where I would cut to add a flap:
I didn't measure or use a ruler. I just eyeballed it. Then I cut on the lines:
Here I tried to take another pic to show you how it opens:
That is pretty much it! I then let each kiddo choose from my scrapbook paper for paper to cover their boxes. Caden said, "You mean we get to use the 'good' paper?" Yes, they got to use the good paper. Caden chose red:
He also ended up using some black and also a red and white picnic cloth patterned paper. We used Scotch tape again to put it together. I cut a piece of the black to make a tab so we could close the mailbox. Here is Caden's box once it was put all together:
Caden's reminds me of a pokeball :)
 He then wanted to add his name and address:
We blurred out the street address, but he also has that on there, too :)
Here is what mine (and Daddy's) looks like:
 Here you can see the velcro that I attached to the box and the tab:
We attached all three of the mailboxes (using 3M hangers) to the space under the wall calendar in the office.
Look how cute Lilli's is:
 Lilli got to work right away getting a letter into our mailbox:
The kids are thrilled with them, and this is also another way to keep the paper out of my kitchen :) I have tried to write them a letter every day since. It also works on their reading skills. Win!

Until later!

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