Saturday, October 03, 2015

{Caden lost his first tooth!!!}

After waiting a LONG time, Caden finally lost his first tooth tonight! He has been so bummed out about everyone else losing teeth, and he started first grade this year having not lost a single tooth. All of that changed tonight! Thanks to a super wiggly tooth (and a Daddy with some patience and dental floss), he is now missing one baby tooth.

I asked him what the most exciting part about losing his tooth was, and he said, "The most boring thing is that I can't whistle through it, but the exciting thing is that I am going to get some money. The most exciting thing is that I finally lost my tooth." He added that he also didn't like that it hurt and bled some. He is pretty happy now, though.

Check out this handsome man:
Yes, that is the adult tooth behind the hole :)
 Here he is showing off the tooth:
Shockingly I managed to keep track of the kiddos' tooth fairy pillows that I picked up at an art fair:
Super cute! Lilli has a pink one just like it.

He made sure to get the tooth fairy pillow put under his pillow right when he went to bed. It is really adorable how excited he is :)
Until later!

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