Wednesday, September 02, 2015

{We are back in business!}

Hello! Long time no blog. The 2015-2016 school year started yesterday, and we are back in full swing. Caden started 1st grade, and Lilli started kindergarten. How is that even possible?! Check out these cuties yesterday morning:
They were happy when Daddy dropped them off, too:
They are lucky enough to have Grandma and Bumpah pick them up from school. And what do you need after your first day of school?! Cherry Berry!!!
Yesterday was just one of those great days that made me thankful for so many things. I couldn't have asked for a better day. I got up extra early to ensure we would have a smooth morning. I also made sure that I spend a few extra minutes Monday night getting things set up. Here is one HUGE life saver for us. I set up this little area in our mudroom:
It is so nice having everything in one spot, and it was super easy to do. I just used 3M hooks for the wall and got the cute baskets at Hobby Lobby. We also bought this carabiner for Lilli's backpack, because her lunch box didn't click into backpack like Caden's. Plus it's cute :)
I also made sure to pack lunches (for all of us) the night before. Yesterday morning just really showed me how much nicer things are when you plan ahead and wake up early. What a great way to set the tone for the school year!

Pop back in tomorrow for a tour of our new house. I am going to try to shoot some pics and videos tonight. I have not this up until this point, because we were still unpacking this last weekend :) We finally feel settled in! I will also update you this week about the kids' first days of school and also Lilli's cowboy/cowgirl birthday party this past weekend.

Until later!

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