Monday, September 07, 2015

{tree fort...the building continues}

I originally planned to have this be a post about Lilli's birthday party last Sunday, but the time got away from me. Look for that post sometime later this week. After a day of laundry (how do we wear that many clothes in a week?!), running to Staples for supplies for my family command center (plan to work on that tomorrow), going grocery shopping, making black bean and corn salsa (Aunt Chris' recipe), baking three loaves of banana bread (it's a gluten free recipe, and I will share it later), and a cookie sheet of Dutch Apple Pie bars (Aunt Ann's recipe), folding laundry, ironing clothes, and making lunches for tomorrow...I needed to cut this a little short. Luckily, Ryan was AWESOME, and he shot a video of the tree fort progress for me. It is looking really good. This is going to be a really busy week, so I am not too sure about how much progress will be made the rest of this week. Enjoy the video!
My favorite part is that Ryan wrote Caden and Lilli's name in the cement they poured :) The kids think that is pretty awesome.
I also love the little walkway they put in. Knowing that the forest area can get a little soggy when it rains, this will be great! Talented men.

Until later!

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