Friday, September 18, 2015

{tree fort update #3}

Ryan has been super busy, but luckily his dad and his dad's cousin Caroll have been continuing to work on the tree fort. This is awesome, because Caden and Lilli are itching to start playing in it. As of earlier this week, they were only allowed to go up in it if there was an adult out there with them. There were no rails yet, so we thought it was still a little dangerous. All of that has changed! These first pics are from Wednesday. Caden, Lilli, and Caden's buddy Owen got to play on the tree fort for a little while yesterday. I asked Ryan to shoot a few pics for me. Lilli just cracks me up:
You can see the ladder in this pic. Once you are up in the fort, you can pull the ladder up with a rope. There are counter balance weights on it so that it will not flop down:
 The kids think it is pretty cool.
 Lilli even brought up a hat-full of mini Frozen toys. Yes, a hat-full :)
Grandpa and Caroll also spend more time later in the week continuing on it. Here is another update pic from early in the afternoon today:
That's Grandpa's cousin Caroll in the pic
But they didn't stop there. Here are the most current pics of the tree fort:
The Master Builder :)
I love this shot!

Can you tell they were in the mood to have me take their pics?
It cracks me up that they always went to the corners for the pics :)
I also took a few videos. Enjoy!

Ryan is hoping to get a bit more done this weekend (although truthfully I don't know what's left to do). Hopefully the weather will cooperate with this plan. Caden are Lilli that they have so many people in their family who are willing to put in the extra time to make this awesome tree fort for them. Anyone want to come over and play?

Until later!

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