Saturday, September 05, 2015

{tree fort planning + movie night}

We had a very busy day with different odds and ends, but it was also a very fun day. I was in the kitchen quite a bit. I made a Tastefully Simply Gluten Free Cinnamon Apple Cake. I added raisins to it also. It turned out pretty well. I also received a ton of yummy Macintosh apples from Grandma and Bumpah, so I sliced up and dehydrated a bunch for snacks for the kids. I also chopped up some so I can make some Dutch Apple Pie bars tomorrow. Ryan told me I haven't made those for him in YEARS, and he doesn't even remember how they taste now. Poor guy.

Ryan also decided this morning that the kids need a tree fort :) He says he has been thinking about it for awhile, but today was really when he drew up a plan and went to purchase the wood. Check out this planning: 
Ryan took this pic. You can tell. His pics always look so much cooler than mine do...
Caden and Lilli are lucky they have such a talented Daddy and Bumpah. The men worked on the tree fort for quite a bit today. 

The kids were also happy because their friend Kayana came over today. That meant that I got some girl time with Kayana's mama, Katie. We even managed a trip to Target :) Where we happened to bump into my bro, Samantha, and Stella. Small world! We came home, had some Christiano's, and then we watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Check out these cute goofballs: 
Movie time!!!
I will take some pics tomorrow of the tree fort in progress. I also plan to share the pics from Lilli's birthday party last weekend. That reminds me...I need to write those thank yous. Always something else to do!

Until later,

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