Sunday, September 13, 2015

{school lunch rut...any ideas?}

I feel horrible when I send the kids to school with the same lunches day...after day...after day. They always want PB&J:

Boring! I am looking for some new lunch ideas. I have decided to check out Pinterest for ideas. Anyone else do this? Any suggestions? The kids like Lunchables, but I am mean and won't buy them for them. I just feel like they are overpriced and the cheese is gross. They just don't seem healthy to me. I have debated making my own Lunchables. Has anyone done this? Here is one thing I found on Pinterest:
I have also thought about getting some different lunch boxes for them. Right now they have your basic character type that you can pick up at Target. They really don't have that much room inside of them. There are some really cool bento lunch boxes out there that I think would offer up some other options: 
I need to do some research :)

Until later!


Angie Fellenz said...

My kids love turkey and cheese wraps! Tomorrow Noah is having summer sausage and Monterey Jack cheese bites!

The Ames Family said...

What type of wraps do you use, Angie? Caden does like summer sausage. That's a good idea.

Angie Fellenz said...

I just use tortillas, shredded cheese, turkey and ranch dressing. He's not a big lettuce fan....

The Ames Family said...

I will add that to my arsenal. Lilli LOVES ranch dressing :)