Friday, September 04, 2015

{Our New House: Part Two}

Welcome to the inside of the house! Today I am going to show you the main level of the house. Here is where I showed you the outside of the house. We love it, because it has so much space. Organization. That is what excited me most about this house. There is a place for everything!

When you walk in from the garage there is a spot to put things down. This is what the door to the garage looks like:
The mudroom is that door on the left side. I love this built-in that is on the right side in the above pic:
I keep my blank cards, envelopes, and stamps in the basket on the right side. My wise friend Jessica pointed out in her book The Fringe Hours that if you have the items ready and at hand, you will use them :)

The mudroom, where I showed you the pic of the kiddos' backpacks, is right across from the built-in. There is also this spot for jackets next to it:
We have a powder room next to that:
The counters are pretty high, so we need a stool in there for Lilli to reach the sink.
Then there is the laundry room:
I love this picture from Hobby Lobby :)
That beautiful pedestal under the washer and drawer was made by my talented one night :)

Here is the side view of the kitchen from the laundry room:
Here are some shots of the kitchen:
I love it that the kitchen is nice and bright, and it has plenty of storage.

Here is a view from the kitchen down the hallway that leads to the bedrooms and goes past the piano room:

Family room:
Caden was pretty tired after his first week back to school :)

Here is the gallery wall I put together. I will have to take another pic during the day when the lighting is better:
Dining room:
This is a cute little built-in in the dining room and next to the piano room:
Piano room:
It's hard to see in this pic, but there are cute music notes up on the wall.
By this point the lighting was getting pretty bad. Sorry about the color:
If you walk out of the piano room, you could head right to the front door:
 This is the opposite view:
The office is right off of the entrance:
There are French doors to the office. This is Ryan's desk.
This is my desk. I think we are going to put white shelves or cabinets above my desk. I also want to set up a Family Command Center with a big calendar and some other planning tools:
There are three bedrooms on the main level. Here is the hallway leading to the bedrooms:
First there is the master bedroom:
I love my closet, but we are still working on organizing in there.

My bathroom is amazing. I have to pinch myself every morning when I walk in:

The toilet is to the left of the shower.
 The kids insist on taking all of their baths in mommy and daddy's bathroom :)

And the shower?

Yep. I am a very lucky lady.

The kids have a nice bathroom to share:
And here are the kids' bedrooms. I will start with Caden's:
This amazing bed he helped Bumpah design. It was completely made from scratch, and Caden couldn't love it more than he does. He insisted he needed two desks:
 But this is his favorite part:

I love it that the stairs even have usable space! Yay!
Pretty sweet room.

There is a nice linen closet across the hall from Caden's room and next to Lilli's room. I always wished to have a linen closet for towels and supplies at the old house:
Lilli's room is still a work in progress:
We have a desk to put in her room, we just haven't had a chance to put it together. Perhaps that will happen over the holiday weekend.

She also has a nice closet:
That box in there is her desk :)
We are very lucky. I will show you the finished basement sometime over the weekend.

Until later!

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