Thursday, September 03, 2015

{Our New House: Part One}

Home sweet home. We LOVE our new house. Living on such a quiet street is such a luxury. It is nice not worrying about cars zipping by when your kids are outside playing. And did I mention we have SOOOOOO much space for storage? We do. It's really a dream. Here is the long awaited tour of the house. The kids even jumped in to help a bit with this :) Enjoy!

The outside of the house:
Can you see the white flags marking Minka's invisible fence?
Minka loves hanging out on the front porch now.
I still need to figure out exactly what I want to do with this. I feel like the bushes are just way too big for the space, and I love the idea of having a cute porch decorated for each holiday: 

Can't you just picture the bales of hay? I can... I need to consult Pinterest for some ideas.

We have two 2-car garages:

We also have a garden garage in the back. I forgot to get a pic of that before it got too dark.

Things still need some work in the garages, but the cars fit in! We want to clear out the space next to Ryan's car (the right side garage) so we can park our pop-up camper in there. Right now it's next to the side of the house:

Our side yard is the largest play area for the kids:

These pics aren't the greatest. I will have Ryan reshoot some of them :)
The backyard is probably Caden's favorite part. I wasn't too sure about the wooded area in the beginning, but it has really grown on me. It is so peaceful. There are paths into it:
Caden also built a fort in the forest area. I am going to have him take you on a tour by making a video to show it off. I am hoping we will get that done over the long weekend :)

We have a patio in the backyard. There are sliding doors to it from the dining room and also off of our bedroom.
I think all of these trees are doing to be just beautiful in the winter. I can't wait to see fresh snow on them.

Did you notice how Minka popped up in multiple pics?
Our own little private getaway :)

Until later!

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