Thursday, September 17, 2015

{my obsession with podcasts}

I know I am a little late to the game, but I didn't start listening to podcasts until we drove to Florida at the end of July. Ryan has been listening to them for a long time. No, this doesn't mean I need to listen to what he says more often... When we drove to Florida, I had the 2am-6am shift...lucky me :) Ryan has been listening to the podcast Sawbones for a long time, so he said I should listen to that to help keep me awake. (We also got CornNuts at a gas station, and I had never had those before. That blew his mind as well. That's a different story...) I put one ear bud in and left the other out so I could hear the van and also anything else I would need to hear while driving. The time went by very quickly! The podcast had me laughing so hard that at times I was afraid I would wake up Ryan and the kids. Why wasn't I listening to podcasts before this?! That is what I kept thinking to myself. Now that my commute to work has lengthened, I will be spending more time in the van. Even on days when I car pool, it still takes me about 12 minutes to drive to Pat's house. So now instead of listening to music, I have been listening to podcasts. Here are the ones to which I subscribe:
Sawbones is a podcast put together by a husband and a wife duo. The wife is a medical doctor, and each episode has something to do with the history of medicine. It is really funny and very informative. For example, this week's topic was about Lice. They have done other topics like The Plague, Typhoid Mary, and many other things. This is what their website says: "...they dig through the annals of medical history to uncover all the odd, weird, wrong, dumb and just gross ways we've tried to fix people over the years. Educational? You bet! Fun? We hope!" It is really an entertaining program.

Jillian Michael's podcast is about a ton of different topics. I am a HUGE Jillian fan, so that is why I thought I would give her podcast a try. I find myself laughing at every show. It is broken down into different segments, and the time goes by very quickly as I listen. She usually pulls in something about diet or fitness, but she also covers many other topics and has many different guests. She even had  my friend Jessica on one show to discuss The Fringe Hours. So exciting! 

I am constantly looking for new and easier ways to organize things, so when I saw there was a podcast called Keeping You Organized, I knew I had to listen to it. Some of the show topics don't apply to me, so then I choose not to listen to that week's show. There are different types of shows. For example, there was one show that focused on the way to organize your desk to be the most efficient. There were some really good pointers in that show :) This may not be for everyone, but I like it.

Rather than summarize Talks with Teachers myself, I will share with you what the creator wrote: "I’m Brian Sztabnik, a high school English teacher from Long Island. When I started Talks with Teachers, I wanted to do two things:
1. Create a podcast that offered the most inspiring ideas from the best teachers in America.
2. Help teachers get better at what they do.
Maybe you are here because you want to listen to inspiring teachers. Maybe you want to participate in a broader community. Maybe, with all the chaos in education right now, you are searching for something to believe in."
I liked what I read. Also, as an educator, it is nice to find an easy way to hear about what other teachers are doing in their classrooms and getting great results. For example, there have been a couple of shows specifically about literacy. I know this is one that perhaps only a teacher would listen to, but I still wanted to share :)
I have also recently subscribed to Audible. I have been listening to The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod. I rotate what I listen to depending on my mood that day :)
Do you listen to any podcasts? Are you listening to any audiobooks? I am always looking for new ideas. Let me know! 
Until later!

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