Wednesday, September 23, 2015

{making spiders for Halloween}

I LOVE decorating for Fall, and I especially love Halloween. I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas. This year I really wanted to let each kiddo make something to put up in the house. I found this cute paper plate spider idea on Pinterest from I Heart Crafty Things. The best part was that after modifying it a bit, I had all of the supplies on hand. We started this last night, and we finished it up tonight. Check out the super cute scary spider Lilli made:
They were super easy to make. I modified the ones from the inspiration a little to work better for us. For example, I didn't want to connect the plates with staples, because I was afraid the kids would hurt their hands if they caught one.

We started by painting the plates. I would highly recommend putting newspaper or something under the plates. We did, but Lilli still managed to get paint all over:
Then we let the plates dry over night. While they were drying, we cut out strips of black paper to use for the legs. We folded them to crimp them up:
Once the plates were dry (the next day), we taped the legs to the inside of the top plate:
Next Lilli drew eyes and a mouth onto the front of one of the plates:
We connected the plates with glue dots (I know you don't have to use Zots, but my kids LOVE them. They used to put them on their wrists and pretend they were Spiderman):
Finally we connected a piece of yarn so the spider could hang:
We just put the yarn in between the two plates and secured it was a Zot.
Her creation is displayed hanging from the window in the living room :)
Lilli wanted to make one like this, but Caden wanted to come up with his own design. He cut out all of his own pieces and created two spiders. I love his creativity. He even helped Lilli make a little one, too:

Caden's spider:
Lilli's spider:
He and Lilli put their little spiders by the fireplace:
He thought it would be funny to hang one by our door to the garage to scare Daddy last night. Ryan acted like it scared him a lot. Funny story: I went to throw my school bag into the car this morning, and the spider really did scare me. It was still dark at that time, and I felt something touch me. Then I saw something dark hanging down. Caden thought that was HILARIOUS! I have a feeling that spider will be scaring me from now until Halloween:

Until later!

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