Sunday, September 06, 2015

{love of dehydration + tree fort update}

Happy Sunday! We are soooo happy that we get to be home tomorrow as well :) We had another great day, but we could use another day at that house. We started off with church, and the sermon's message was a good one. We then had to head to the office for Ryan to meet up with a patient. After that we buzzed over to our friend Katie's place to help her hide some TV cords and put together an entertainment center/bookshelf for under her TV. The kids were thrilled to play a little more with Kayana. We grabbed a quick lunch at Qdoba (YUM!!!), then we headed home. I got another bag of yummy apples from Grandma and Bumpah, so I got another dehydrator's worth cut up and ready to go. The kids love eating the dehydrated apples, so I know we will easily go through another batch. Look how pretty these apples are:
This container was full last night:
Yep, more is good :) I also found that the laundry room is the perfect spot to put the dehydrator. There is plenty of counter space, and because it is in a different room, some of the noise is muffled. Check it out:
While I was working on all of this, Ryan and Bumpah were working on the tree fort. I decided to put together a quick video update of the progress:

They plan to work some more tomorrow as well :) While the guys were out working, Caden and Lilli played in the yard for a little bit. It was pretty hot today, so they didn't play for too long. She was thrilled catch this little guy:
I love it that she isn't afraid of bugs and crawly things :)
Gotta scoot! We have some Full House that needs to be watched tonight :)

Until later!

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