Tuesday, September 29, 2015

{long overdue thank you card pics}

I usually try to send thank you cards out right away, but that didn't happen this year after Lilli's birthday party. Because her party was the weekend before school started, life happened. I have had the cards written for a couple of weeks, but then I needed to have Lilli sign each card. I kept putting that off or forgetting. I finally got her to sign all of the cards this past Sunday. She didn't complain once, and she had a bunch to sign:
She did a great job:
I also love to send a pic with the thank you cards. I always choose a pic from the party to send. I know people like getting a current pic of her. This year I decided to work with this pic below with the super cute sign Aunt Samantha made for the party:
I wanted to change it up to put a thank you message on it. I decided to use picmonkey.com. I have written about this photo editing/collage building site before, and I still really love it. I recently upgraded to a Royale Membership. I like all of the extra fonts I now have available. The best part is that it is only $33 a year. Not too shabby. Because I don't have Photoshop on my computer, this is a really great option for me. I started with the regular pic, and then I asked Ryan what to do to get rid of the text:) He showed me how to use the cloning tool to get rid of the words on the sign. So I worked on that:
 A little later...gone!
Then I chose a font and added "Thank you":
Next, I decided I wanted to remove the words on the bottom, too. You can see in the above pic where the "R" is starting to disappear. I also ended up enlarging "Thank You" and fading all of the text to make it look older.

Overall, it really didn't take as long as I thought it would to alter the pic. I will be printing these to put with the thank you cards. I usually print them as 2X3's, because I figure people don't really need a 4X6. I will be printing them tonight so I can mail them tomorrow :)
Isn't it cute?

Until later!

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