Thursday, September 10, 2015

{little things...not always so little}

Either Ryan or I have put a little note in Caden's lunch box since last year. Sometimes he will request certain pictures, and sometimes we will just write him a little note. I didn't really think these little notes meant that much to him. Tonight I went to the kids' school for the Getting to Know You conferences with their teachers. While I was waiting to talk with Caden's teacher, I decided to peak into his locker. This is what I found:
He has been saving the napkins from every day so far this year... I mentioned this to his teacher, and he said, "Oh, yes. Caden always puts them in his locker right after lunch." He even showed some of them to his teacher. The little things mean much more than we think. Some nights or mornings when we are tired, it is almost too easy to talk ourselves into skipping this "little" thing. I am so happy I always choose to keep doodling :)

I also met with Lilli's teacher. As was the case with Caden, Lilli is also doing well. Her teacher had a book with the children's self portraits and names. I LOVED Lilli's. All of the other kids wrote their first name. Not Lilli. She even included her middle name :)
I love that she added the sky and the sun. My creative little squirt.

Until later!

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