Wednesday, September 09, 2015

{Lilli's 5th birthday party}

As promised, here is the info and photo explosion from Lilli's birthday party. I hope you enjoy! This year's theme was Western. Lilli wanted something with Sheriff Callie from the Disney Channel. This was a pretty easy one, because there are many easy to find Western-themed decorations. I wanted to keep it simple and fun for everyone. This included the plan for the cake. Lilli wanted it to be pink and purple, and she wanted the Sheriff Callie and Sparky (the horse) on the cake. I forgot to take a close-up pic of the cake, but luckily one of Lilli's friend's mother did:
It was nothing complicated, but Lilli loved it. I tried to do a paisley print on the sides. I have some other pics listed later on the post with Lilli by the cake. You can see the side better in the later pics.

One area where I usually spend too much time is planning the goodies for the kiddos. Not this time. I decided to get each kid a bandana (Amazon), a red or blue cowboy hat (Amazon), a sheriff badge (Party City), tattoos (Hobby Lobby), a snack-sized bag of trail mix (I bought a big thing of it at Target), and Strawberry Haribo Licorice Wheels (Amazon). The licorice wheels were supposed to be lassos :) I liked everything, but I wouldn't get the licorice if I did it again. I bought a bulk bag, and they were kinda greasy-like. It's hard to describe. I packed up the bags with the goodies, tied them shut with the bandanas, and put the hats on the top so they all looked like cowboys or cowgirls resting on the table :) I covered the table with a cute cow table cloth from Target, and I also scored the burlap pennant banner from the dollar section of Target:
The kids seemed to like it all:
 Look at all of these cuties:
Activities for the kiddos sometimes also takes up far too much planning time. Not this time. First of all, when asked if I needed help, I said YES! I have finally learned that while I am fully capable of doing it all, it is NOT necessary for me to do it all on my own when I have such great friends and family. This included a ton of help prior to the party from Aunt Lexie, Grandma, and Bumpah getting things set up. Aunt Samantha was also sweet enough to offer to make up this super cute photo prop for the kiddos to use:
It was PERFECT! I think the kids liked having their pics taken. Check out these other cute faces:
Lilli's friend Gabi
Lilli's cousin Adin
Lilli's cousin Andrew- His face cracks me up in this pic!
Lilli's friend Kayana
I laughed out loud when I saw this pic of Caden! What a goof!
Lilli's cousin William
Gabi's little sis Kenzi
Another activity the kids completed with a golden nugget search. We just took some rocks from a front yard, and we (Ryan) spray painted them gold. We then hid them around the backyard. Four of the rocks had a black start drawn on them with Sharpie. Those who found the four rocks got a little Sheriff Callie coloring pack I found in the dollar section of Target. Can you tell I shop at Target a lot? :) The kids did well on their golden nugget hunting:
 Love William's face in this shot:
I had a third thing planned for the kids to do (roping a toy cow), but I realized the kids were just having fun playing. I didn't need to stop them to do some organized game. They were having a ball just being together:
The kids took a break from their playing to have some cake. As normal, we had far more cake than we needed, but that's okay. We are a cake loving family...and by we...I mean Lilli and I are cake loving people :)
Lilli wore her Sheriff Callie outfit for the party:
It was a great day! The weather was perfect, and it was wonderful to have so many awesome people here to help celebrate Lilli's birthday. She was beyond happy :)
 Now to start planning Caden's party... :)

Until later!

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