Sunday, September 20, 2015

{Games Ideas for Family Game Night}

We used to play games quite a bit, but I feel like since we moved we haven't played games as much. Now that we are back at school with a nice, established routine, I really want to institute Family Game Night. I am thinking we will do this on Wednesday nights, because Ryan doesn't work late on Wednesdays. To get the kids excited about it, I want to surprise them with a new game to start us off. I am looking for some new ideas. Keep in mind Lilli is 5 and Caden is 6 (almost 7). Here are some of their favorites:

BINGO: Caden recently got this at Target, and he loves it.
HOOT OWL HOOT!: Lilli got this for her birthday (Thank you, Gabi), and it is super cute.
MUSTACHE SMASH: I still think this game is hilarious :) The kids really like playing it.
SPOT IT!: We haven't played this one for a bit, but I LOVE it! It's really fun, and the kids getting really excited when we race to find the items.
What games do you play? I am looking for ideas that BOTH kids would really like. I also don't want any that have a lot to set up, or ones that are really touchy. For example, we bought Who Shook Hook?

It was a nightmare. You have to put all of these little pieces around a sleeping Captain Hook, and then the kids grab the little pieces and try not to shake Hook. If they didn't grab the item with a steady hand, they would knock over everything. It took me minutes to just get the items positioned around Captain Hook on the little hammock thing. Then they would get mad if they accidentally bumped the board and dumped it all. Not good. So I don't want anything that requires a ton of little nitpicky setup.
Let me know what you think. It would also be great if you could tell me why you recommend a game. Why does your kiddo like it? That would better help me match up with what Caden and Lilli like :)

Until later!

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