Saturday, September 19, 2015

{Darth Vader cupcake cake}

Today we went to a Darth Vader birthday party for my nephew Adin. The kids have been very excited about this. I was lucky enough to make the cake for today. Because it was in a restaurant, I thought a cupcake cake would be easier than a regular cake. Cupcake cakes are nice, because they present like a cake without requiring a knife to cut them. I looked up some pics online, and I found this one from Say it with Cake! for inspiration:

The first thing I did was check how many cupcakes I would need based upon how many people would be there. Then I baked the cupcakes. After they were baked, I arranged them on my board in the pattern I would use for frosting:
Then I filled the holes with frosting to hold them together:

Then I outlined all of the cupcakes with frosting as well:

After that I filled in the outline with frosting:

Then I scored the outline of Vader's head onto the "cake" with a toothpick:

I decided I didn't like the rough appearance of the frosting. Here is a close-up so you can see it better:

I took a piece of parchment paper, placed it on top of the cake, and then I slowly rubbed in a circular pattern over the frosting to smooth it. Here is another shot after I did that:
I then piped black frosting onto the scored lines of Vader's head. Then I filled it in with black frosting:
 After that I scored the lines of the mask onto the black frosting:
This is where I got a little stuck. The inspiration pic had the mask details piped on with white. I didn't like that, but I wasn't sure what would be better. I first tried piping chocolate. I also added some other details to the cake, such as the wording and some random dots to fill the space:
I did not like the way this looked. I decided to wait for the chocolate to dry, and then I piped black frosting over the dried chocolate. I like how it turned out. It gave it more dimension. The chocolate was a good mistake:

You can see in the above pic where I started putting the black over the chocolate. To smooth it, I waited a few minutes (so it was no longer sticky to the touch) and then I pressed it flat with a finger. Here is the finished product:
I really need to start using our camera instead of my phone to take pics.
It is not the best "cake" I've ever made, but I think it's pretty cute. Adin really liked it. It also was very easy for serving at the party. 
This was not my first cupcake cake. I also made a cupcake cake the summer of 2014 for a graduation party:
I also made one for Cara's baby shower:
I think cupcake cakes are fun to make, because they are a change from a normal cake. The one drawback to them is that they are not very attractive once they start being pulled apart. Taste good, though :)

Until later!

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