Tuesday, September 08, 2015

{command center update: we have a calendar}

Even though the area isn't done, I'm super excited we put up the big calendar tonight in the office :)
It sticks right to the wall, and I got the coordinating blank sheet to go on the side:
They are made by WallMates, and I picked them up at Staples. I also wanted a cork board for the other side:
Then I can stick birthday invites and the like up there. Ryan was pleased that none of it required holes in our walls. 

I still plan to add something else, but I'm not sure what right now. I'm open to ideas :)
If you looked at the one item on my list right now, I am planning to pick up some thumbtacks. I am also debating a file holder type thing as well for the wall. We will see! For now it functions for us.

Until later!

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