Tuesday, September 15, 2015

{breakfast foods for kiddos}

I am happy to say that we are no longer battling with Lilli to get dressed in the morning as we did last year. It...was...horrible... This year our battle appears to be getting both kids to eat. One issue is that Lilli doesn't like to eat right when she gets up. I understand that. We wake both kids up shortly after 6:15ish, so that isn't really an issue. The problem is that even with that extra built in time (they don't leave for school until around 7:30), she sometimes says she isn't hungry. I have tried buying many different things, but nothing gets either of them really excited. I decided to check Pinterest (Have you sensed that pattern that I consult Pinterest a lot?!), and I found some great new recipes for us to try. I specifically was looking for things we could make ahead of time to cut down on morning prep for food.

The first thing I came across was this from Creative Juice:
How great does that look? The kids thought it looked good, too, so they helped me throw these together. I especially liked them because we could make a bunch ahead of time and freeze them. The kids and I made some tonight. Here are some pics:
Caden was in charge of cutting the bread
Don't worry. We froze the leftover bread pieces.
Lilli cracked all 10 eggs with only one mishap.
Caden did a great job of both cutting the bread and pushing it into the muffin tin.
Lilli also was in charge of sprinkling the cheese and the bacon onto the eggs.
She ate just about as much bacon as she sprinkled.
Here is the final product:
The kiddos will be trying these tomorrow morning :)

I also found this from the Lean Green Bean:
I liked these because we could use them for breakfast or for their morning snack they eat at school. Again, they can be frozen, so I could make a bunch of them over the weekend to freeze. We made these tonight, too. I used canned pumpkin instead of sweet potato. I also made them into full size muffins. I only ended up being able to make five, because Lilli dumped the bowl when she was stirring it. Oops! I am not to sure about these. I will let you know how they ended up tasting. I think I would put raisins in them next time. *UPDATE: These muffins were not good. I ended up dumping the five that remained :(
Another tasty treat I found at Hip2Save.com would also fall under the breakfast or school snack category:
I will be making these soon. My friend at work Sue has some flax seed, and she said she will bring it in for me so I don't have to buy it just for this recipe :)

One last one that I think I will try soon is this Breakfast Pizza that was listed on All Recipes.com:
Lilli really likes bacon a lot, so I think she would like this as well. This one doesn't appear like it would freeze as well, so I would maybe make this on the weekend or during the week on days when I get up extra early :)

Do you have any fun breakfast food ideas? Looking at all of these pics has made me very hungry!

Until later!


Andrea Philo said...

Not now and I will gladly use yours to get Dad Dan to eat something with his morning Diet Pepsi. God love him, he is not still 25 or 16 and does need a little bit more to ramp up his day. You, Caden and Lilli have it going on and Grandpa Dan just might love it because grandbabies love it (them). So here we go with Diet Pepsi PLUS phase of breakfast after 55+ years.

The Ames Family said...

Ryan tried one of them tonight and said they are very good. The muffins, on the other hand, not so good. I ended up dumping them :( Thanks for stopping by the blog!