Monday, January 12, 2015

{no cavities + fearless defenders...}

Both of the kiddos and I had our teeth cleaned today. I am happy to report we are all part of the No Cavity Club. I didn't get a cute certificate though :)
Check out the pic Caden took of Lilli while he was with her in her room:
I was almost done and I could hear him talking to her. He was concerned she wouldn't be happy without me in the room, so he said, "I'll just go wait with her until you are done." What a sweet big brother :)

Tonight while Caden was a hockey with Bumpah, I had the privilege of hanging out at home with Lilli and William. While I was finishing up dinner, they decided to play a little dress up. I had nothing to fear with these two in the house:
All of the kids are super excited for Grandma to get back into town tonight. She has been in California with Aunt Linda since last Thursday. They miss her. I know Bumpha does as well :)

Until later!

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