Thursday, January 08, 2015

{more hockey fun + dirty diaper}

Today is Thursday, so once again that means hockey night! I didn't take any photos this time, but I did take a short video:
Of course when I filmed is when Caden had a couple balance checks. He was FLYING around the rink. The smile on his face was precious. He loves going so fast.

After hockey we headed home. It was a leftovers night, so we did a pretty good job of clearing out the fridge. After dinner when we were in the living room, Lilli had Daddy hold her baby for her. That was when Daddy realized the baby needed her diaper changed. Normally a dirty diaper isn't such a great event, but when you have a Baby Alive, it is amazing. Lilli has been waiting for this baby to need a diaper change for about two days. She was THRILLED. She especially loves to change the baby's diaper because I gave her a pack of real wipes to use. Take a look:

What a good mommy :) Notice she even strapped the baby in so she wouldn't fall off of the changing pad?

Until later!

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