Thursday, January 15, 2015

{hockey + sick Lilli}

Today is Thursday, so that means hockey! Caden was working on balancing one leg. I only took one video, because I was holding Lilli on my lap, so I couldn't move around a lot:
He was a little frustrated at the end of class, because he wasn't able to do everything he wanted. He couldn't do the slide stop the way his coach was showing. The coach talked with me after class, and we determined that we needed to get his skates sharpened again. A dad also told me that he thought Caden's skates may be too large. I need to look that up online.

Lilli was not feeling great tonight. We stopped home for 15 minutes before hockey, and here is what she looked like:
 It didn't get much better when we got there:
Then this:
And this:
And finally this:
Ryan was able to swing by after Rotary and pick her up. She slept for the rest of the night. Poor thing. I think she is getting another cold :( This time of year is horrible for that. Send healthy wishes her way!

Until later!

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