Friday, January 23, 2015

{crazy, busy night}

There were many things going on at the same time tonight. Ryan was supposed to pick the kiddos up from Aunt Chris tonight by 5, but he got held up with an emergency at the office. (Aunt Chris had the kids because Grandma and Bumpah were at a funeral. Sadly, Uncle Jordon's maternal grandmother Ramona Bricco, who raised him as her child, passed away last weekend. She was such a great lady. Here is a link to Ramona's beautiful obituary.) I had a meeting at school from 3:45-5:15, but I luckily got done early. I had to rush home to get the kids so I could get Caden to hockey by 6 pm. I was able to grab the kids from Chris' house at 5:30 pm, which left me with pretty much no wiggle room. In the meantime Ryan got done at work, so he was able to get to the Y before us and pick up Caden's ice skates (which we dropped off last week to be sharpened). I pulled up to the Y at 5:57 pm (again, class started at 6 pm), and the kids ran out of the van and to Ryan who was waiting inside. I then high-tailed it over to A Touch of Class Pet Resort to pick Minka up from daycare, which was closing at 6:30 pm. After all of that I got home around 6:20 pm, and I realized I had planned on leftovers for dinner, but we didn't have too much in the refrigerator. After quickly debating whether or not to order pizza, I decided to check to see what I could throw together. I threw chicken into the microwave to defrost, and I set up the dipping stations to bread some chicken pieces. I found a jar of pasta sauce in the cabinet, a container of mini mozzarella balls with about 15 left in it, a half of container of Romano cheese, and a bag of gluten free macaroni noodles. And that was how it was decided we would have a Chicken Parmesanish dinner. I also threw a bag of frozen peas in the microwave once I had the chicken in the oven. By cutting the chicken into pretty small pieces, I had the entire thing done from first pulling the chicken out of the freezer to plates on the table in just under one hour. Not too bad! We still ate later than I wanted, but it was much healthier than pizza. Man! I am tired again just from typing this! Here is a quick shot of the chicken:
Where there's a will there's a way!

Until later!

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