Friday, August 08, 2014

{Winnebago County Fair + Cupcake Cake making}

This afternoon we headed to the County Fair for some good fun. The kids had a GREAT time. We all did. Here are some highlights:

Lilli plugging Daddy's nose before going into the barn.
Lilli played a game and won a pink teddy bear :)
Daddy, Caden, and Bumpah on the ferris wheel.
Grammy liked all of the bunnies.
So did Lilli :)
The horses were fun to check out, too.

Lilli checking out the wagon riding talking duck.
Fun in the Fun House
Once I got home I worked on a cupcake cake and some cupcakes for one of my friend's son's graduation party. I had never made a cupcake cake before. Here are some pics I took a long the way:
 As one "cake":
The final products:
Not too shabby :)

Until later!

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