Sunday, August 24, 2014

{Lilli's 4th birthday party: Frozen}

Today was Lilli's party, and she had a great time. We lucked out and had great weather. The highlight of her day was probably when Elsa showed up :) Check out the pics!

I made a little Olaf sign for the front door of the house. Look how cute she looks in her little party dress:
I also love this pic with the kids and Ryan:
As always, we had a ton of food. I tried to give everything a Frozen related name:
The beautiful cake was out:
We made some special punch (Blue Hawaiian punch and Sprite), and used the great Sangria dispenser Ryan found at Menards:
Lilli's favorite was probably the white chocolate covered strawberries, or Frozen hearts:
As you may have noticed, this was Lilli's second outfit, her Elsa dress. Shortly after, Lilli's special guest arrived:
Elsa read a couple of books to the kids:
And she also played "Let It Go" on the piano. The kids sang along:
They were all thrilled to meet Elsa:
The kids then played Pin the Nose on Olaf:
Sorry, we didn't get any pics of the kids playing. What I did was draw and cut out a two different noses for each kid. I then ran them through  my Xyron cutter to make them into stickers. They loved it. We then did cake:
After eating her cake, Lilli opened up her presents:
The kids then "built" snowmen with marshmallows, pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, and a piece of candy corn:
Well, not everyone built a snowman :) They certainly loved the marshmallows :)
After building the snowmen (and eating them), the kids went back outside to play:
Baby Stella had a great time :)

Until later!

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