Tuesday, August 05, 2014

{exploring on our bike trip}

The kids and I decided to go for a bike ride today. Usually Lilli likes to ride in the trailer, but today she wanted to bike. I was happy about that until around 10 minutes in when she decided she was too tired...and the sun was too hot...and she didn't want to ride anymore... Here is a shot of her when she decided she couldn't finish the trip home:
We survived :) We did stop early in the trip to explore by Sawyer Creek. This is right over the field from our house. Caden led the way:
Silly faces!
I made sure we only went where we didn't have to walk through the tall grass. We don't need any poison ivy or anything like that at our house :)

The kids had a good time. Caden wants to head back with Daddy because he will know what all of the bad plants look like :)

Until later!

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