Saturday, July 05, 2014

{More Baby Stella + blueberry picking}

I met the kiddos at the hospital late this morning. Lilli was very anxious to see Stella again. I was also able to trick Caden into holding Stella. He really wanted to hold her yesterday, but he was afraid he would hurt her. So cute. Once he held her, he wanted to hold her a few more times. Here is a shot:
Lilli wanted to hold her pretty much the entire time we were there:
Look at Stella's face and that dark hair:
 Here is a little video of Daddy waking her up to change her diaper:
 The nurse let the kids listen to Baby Stella's heartbeat. They thought it was pretty awesome:
The kids and I went to and picked up some yarn for a blanket for Stella. Here are the colors:
Sorry, the lighting was bad.
I am hoping to have it done in the next couple of days.

I then connected the trailer to my bike and we biked back to the hospital for a little bit. Here are some pics from our second trip for the day:
Here is another nice family pic:
This is my favorite pic from the day:
We ended our day with some blueberry picking. The kids were excited when I told them that some of the blueberries on our bush were ready to be picked:
Until later!

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